“Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken.”

How many men do you know who have their stylish appearance down to a science?

These men tend to be few and far between.  And that’s exactly why I have created a new series called “Fashionable Man Interviews.”  I sit down with fashionable men and get them to share what is working for them, what some of their challenges are, and also how life has changed since getting their style muscles fired up.
My first video interviews David Schlussel, who is a friend, yoga teacher, life coach husband and father.  For years,  I have admired how embodies inside and out the Rockstar image, whether it’s a party, social gathering or just a walk on the beach, I can count on David to be a treat to the eyes.   And it wasn’t always that way….

We also discuss the age old fear that many men face when it comes to taking fashion risks, “Will I look gay!?”  David talks about how he deals with the “gay” issue and also how to deal with the ‘shit-talkers’ who like to challenge men who dare to be different.

Enjoy the video, and as always I LOVE comments.

Here’s to your stylish man emerging,


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