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“Don’t be afraid to embrace your inner Gayness…”

These are words from Franz Antoni, the latest man featured on Fashionable Men Interviews in response to the common fear that, “If I dress more expressed, people might think I am gay.” Franz was shocked that the anxiety of being seen as gay still exists in men’s psyche’s, especially when it comes to style he […]…

Is Your Online Profile Getting You Dates?

Have you heard of the Zero-Second Rule? It goes like this: A woman looking at your dating profile can tell whether or not you are interesting in approximately… Zero Seconds!   It takes literally no time at all.   And because every woman online has a galaxy of options and VERY LIMITED time with which […]…

How One Man Made A “Style-Leap” And Changed His Life Forever

  I wish I could say that I regularly get approached by confident, charismatic men who know how to instantly attract a woman like me. Even more true now–as I recently become a blond. I’m not saying there is a lack of great men out there, in fact, meet wonderful men all the time, it’s […]…